Video and Transcript of Senate Debate on Murkowski Resolution to Veto EPA's Science-Based Climate Change Findings

We provide the full video and transcript from the Senate Debate over S.J.Res.26 (Murkowski Resolution), a resolution that would have effectively vetoed a finding by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that greenhouse gases pose a threat to public health and welfare. 

Full transcripts from the Congressional Record, 10 June 2010:

Below is the video of the full debate from C-SPAN. Senator Harry Reid (Democrat, Nevada) introduces the bill at 0:04:48 in the video; Senator Barbara Boxer (Democrat, California) concludes her final remarks at 6:48:45.


How you can help: The Senate is set to debate and vote on a climate & energy bill in the final weeks of July or early August (2010). Call your Senators and ask them to vote YES on a climate & energy bill that limits fossil fuel pollution.

Online WWF Resources Regarding U.S. Climate & Energy Policy:

Online Resources:

Bill Summary and Status.  From the Libarary of Congress, Thomas.

The Consequences and Significance of the Murkowski Disapproval Resolution.  Fact sheet (13 May 2010) from the Democratic Policy Committee.

Statement by the President on Senator Murkowski's Resolution of Disapproval, S.J. Res. 26.  From the White House, Office of the Press Secretary (10 June 2010).

Senator Boxer Applauds Senate Vote For Science, Health, Jobs and National Security.  Press release (10 June 2010) from the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

Protect the Clean Air Act [PDF].  A letter signed by 1,906 U.S. Scientists, June 2010.  Posted by the Union of Concerned Scientists. 

More information on the EPA's final endangerment finding is available from EPA's Web site, including:

WWF Climate Change Blog:


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