The Pacific Walrus says: "The time has come...We have many things to talk about, people!"

In what she modestly calls a "doodle," talented writer and illustrator Karen Romano Young captures the plight of the Pacific Walrus as it faces a decline in vital Arctic sea ice.   "The walrus, some say, could be as much a poster child for the effects of climate change as its compatriot, the polar bear," says  Young in The Walrus Post.

Pacific Walrus "Doodle" by Karen Romano Young.  Click on image for larger version.
(Click on image for larger version)

According to Young, the doodle is "based on my walrus photographs and the information I found by researching the work of scientists Chad Jay of the U.S. Geological Survey, Carleton Ray of University of Virginia,  and Lee Cooper and Jacqueline Grebmeier of the University of Maryland Chesapeake Biological Lab, and by talking to ICESCAPE’s own Karen Frey, from Clark University.”

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