Melting glaciers speak for themselves

Nature’s best thermometer, perhaps its most sensitive and unambiguous indicator of climate change, is ice. When ice gets sufficiently warm, it melts. It asks no questions, presents no arguments, reads no newspapers, listens to no debates. It is not burdened by ideology and carries no political baggage as it crosses the threshold from solid to liquid. It just melts.”Dr. Henry Pollack, Professor Emeritus of Geophysics, University of Michigan.

As 192 countries gather in Copenhagen this week to generate a new global climate deal, World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has launched a photo and video gallery, highlighting the physical evidence that demonstrates the urgency of climate change. In addition to all the mounting scientific data that climate change is happening and humans are the primary drivers, visuals all over the world tell a similar story.

 See WWF's photo & video gallery

Muir Glacier in Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve, Alaska 

Source: William Field (1941) & Bruce Molnia (2004). Muir Glacier: From the Glacier Photograph Collection. Boulder, Colorado USA: National Snow and Ice Data Center/World Data Center for Glaciology. Digital media.
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