Faces of Climate Change, Video Documentary on the Disruptive Consequences of Climate Change on Alaska's Marine Ecosystems

Three new (2011) short videos on the disruptive consequences of climate change on Alaska's marine ecosystems, highlighting the region's scientists and Alaska Natives.  Produced by the Alaska Sea Grant Program in partnership with Alaska Ocean Observing System, Alaska Marine Conservation Council, and COSEE Alaska.

Arctic Ecologist Rosa Meehan says in the introduction:

"The Arctic is a place that is essentially a harbinger of what's to come.  The changes in the Arctic have always been predicted to be the first, the most dramatic, the fastest.  And that is because of the way the world's climate systems are put together. What is means is that the changes that we're seeing up here in the Arctic mean that there are going to be changes down in southern latitudes.  They are likely to be just as dramatic in those ecosystems and just as important for the people that live in them.  We just happen to be seeing dramatic impacts first.  The challenges that we face today in the Arctic are just a forecast of challenges and difficulties that people in southern latitudes will be facing."


Faces of Climate Change -- Introduction from Darcy Dugan on Vimeo.

Above: Introduction (apx 6 min).  This introduction to the impacts of climate change in Alaska includes interviews with Alaska Natives, commentary by scientists, and footage from Alaska's Arctic. Download Introduction to Climate Change (mp4)


Faces of Climate Change - Life on the Ice from Darcy Dugan on Vimeo.

Above: Life on the Ice (apx 6 min).  This video highlights the marine mammals and birds and how they depend on Arctic sea ice, as well as questions about how these animals will cope in the face of climate change.  Download Life on the Ice  (mp4)



Faces of Climate Change - Disappearing Sea Ice from Darcy Dugan on Vimeo.

Above: Disappearing Sea Ice (apx 10 min). This video highlights disappearing sea ice through interviews with Alaska Natives and scientists.  Download Disappearing Sea Ice (mp4).


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