Congo Basin

WWF Climate Blog Has Moved to New Location

The WWF climate blog now is located at a different Web address:  All posts since May 2013 are at that location, while older posts will remain archived on this site.  The new site will have a single RSS feed at

Cancun REDD decision crucial to stop forest destruction

A global strategy for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, known as REDD+, is among the key agreements that need to come out of the United Nations climate talks ongoing in Cancun.

World’s second largest rainforest is recognized as an important carbon sink

At the Congo Basin Forest Forum and Congressional hearing today (29 September 2009) in Washington, DC, Congo Basin heads and conservation groups are pressing for more attention, funds and technical support.  This will help save the world’s second largest rainforest, benefit its population and keep a large quantity of carbon out of the atmosphere.

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