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WWF Climate Blog Has Moved to New Location

The WWF climate blog now is located at a different Web address: worldwildlife.org/blogs/wwf-climate-blog.  All posts since May 2013 are at that location, while older posts will remain archived on this site.  The new site will have a single RSS feed at worldwildlife.org/blogs/wwf-climate-blog.rss.

Obama Administration Issues Draft of Major Comprehensive Report on Actions U.S. is Taking to Address Climate Change

The U.S. government late today (7 April 2010) issued the public review draft of its fifth "national communication" required under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).  U.S. Climate Action Report 2010 is the single most important and comprehensive statement so far from the Obama Administration on actions the U.S. is taking at all levels to address climate change. 

Earth Hour & Continuing the Movement beyond the Hour of Lights Out

Earth Hour is a great platform for generating a powerful voice for climate change action. It is also an opportunity to individually reduce your own impact on the climate. Find out how.

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