American Lobster’s Future in a Changing Climate

How the American Lobster will fair with climate change is uncertain, but projections show habitat shifts and an increasingly stressful environment.

NOAA Reports Record Breaking Global Temperatures; Meltdown for Climate Change Denialists

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released data today (15 July 2010) showing that global temperatures in June -- and for the first six months of the year -- were the highest on record. As climate records continue to fall, attacks on climate science and scientists have been rebuffed by multiple investigations; and the National Academies of Sciences have solidified the scientific basis for action on climate change.

Rising Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Driving Up Sea Surface Temperatures that Fuel More Intense Hurricanes

Hurricane expert Greg Holland of the National Center for Atmospheric Research says the potential for a disastrous 2010 hurricane season reflects not just natural variability but also climate change.  He explained that record high sea surface temperatures in the tropical Atlantic were one of the principal factors behind the dire forecast, and that rising atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases may account for roughly half of the anomolous warmth.  He warned that "we’re looking at potentially a doubling of major hurricanes in the next 20 to 30 years" as a result of global warming.

The Planet Feels the Heat as First Half of 2010 Sets Global Temperature Record

Global temperature data released today (9 July 2010) by NASA show that the first half of 2010 was the warmest January-June period in the 130 year record.  June was the warmest on record for the Northern Hemisphere, and tied in third place globally.

Average Arctic Sea Ice Extent Drops to Record Low for the Month in June

The National Snow and Ice Data Center reports that "[i]n June, ice extent declined by 88,000 kilometers (34,000 square miles) per day, more than 50% greater than the average rate of 53,000 kilometers (20,000 square miles) per day. This rate of decline is the fastest measured for June." 

U.S. Navy Assessing Budget Implications of Climate Change Preparedness

In a candid teleconference with reporters earlier this month (18 June 2010), Rear Admiral David Titley said that “one of the investments that we are really going to have to think about in the next few decades is the impact of sea-level rise on the Navy’s infrastructure.” He said the Navy is assessing how much "real money"  -- "millions and even billions" of dollars -- would be required for the Navy to prepare for that and other impacts of climate change.

Records Toppled as NOAA Releases Latest Surface Temperature Data

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released data today (15 June 2010) confirming what NASA separately reported last week: global surface temperatures this Spring rose to record levels.  NOAA data also indicate that other temperature records are toppling -- all consistent with long-term trends driven largely by rising greenhouse gas emissions.

Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover Drops to Record Low for Month of May

Rutgers University's Global Snow Lab (GSL) reports that snow cover in May dropped to the lowest level on record for the month over the Northern Hemisphere.

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