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“Moving fuel in a combat zone: it’s a job that’s cost over 1,000 American lives,” says retired Iraq general

Brigadier General Steven Anderson (Ret.), Chief of Logistics in Iraq under General David Petraeus, speaks about the dangers of America’s oil addiction and the need to pass a clean energy & climate bill in a new ad from 

Leading Climate Scientist, Steve Schneider, Dies at 65

The world today lost a great climate change scientist, Stephen H. Schneider.  Schneider, who died aboard an aircraft landing in London,  strove throughout his life to translate the complexity of climate change into terms that were engaging, meaningful and useful outside the science community.

Study Warns that Decisions Made Today About Carbon Emissions Will Have Consequences "In the Coming Centuries and Millennia"

The National Research Council today  (16 July 2010) released a report on Climate Stabilization Targets: Emissions, Concentrations, and Impacts Over Decades to Millennia, that clarifies the implications of the actions we take -- or don't take -- to curb greenhouse gas emissions.  The NRC says some choices "could lock the Earth and many future generations of humans into very large impacts."  "The message is crystal clear now," says the Acting Director of WWF's Climate Change Program, Keya Chatterjee.  We must "get off of dirty fuels and move towards a clean energy future," she adds.

CNN Video on "Climate Deniers" Ice Sculpture at the Capitol

As global temperature records continue to tumble, attacks on climate science and scientists have been rebuffed by multiple investigations; and the National Academies of Sciences have solidified the scientific basis for action on climate change.  To symbolize  these circumstances and their impacts on climate change deniers, the youth coalition Consequence staged an event at the U.S. Capitol yesterday (15 July 2010) that featured a giant "Climate Deniers" ice sculpture that rapidly melted in the Washington, DC, heat and humidity.  See CNN's video on the event.

NOAA Reports Record Breaking Global Temperatures; Meltdown for Climate Change Denialists

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released data today (15 July 2010) showing that global temperatures in June -- and for the first six months of the year -- were the highest on record. As climate records continue to fall, attacks on climate science and scientists have been rebuffed by multiple investigations; and the National Academies of Sciences have solidified the scientific basis for action on climate change.

America's Businesses Say Limiting Fossil Fuel Pollution is Key to Job Creation

NextEra Energy, Levi Strauss & Co., Diversey and Tetra Pak Inc. reiterate call for climate bill.

"Hot Air" in the American Power Act

Weak initial emissions caps under the American Power Act (APA) would delay clean energy investments

Giant Ice Sculpture to be Unveiled Outside U.S. Senate

At an event at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., on 15 July 2010, youth groups and climate experts will highlight the melting disinformation campaign of climate deniers.

Rising Greenhouse Gas Concentrations Driving Up Sea Surface Temperatures that Fuel More Intense Hurricanes

Hurricane expert Greg Holland of the National Center for Atmospheric Research says the potential for a disastrous 2010 hurricane season reflects not just natural variability but also climate change.  He explained that record high sea surface temperatures in the tropical Atlantic were one of the principal factors behind the dire forecast, and that rising atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases may account for roughly half of the anomolous warmth.  He warned that "we’re looking at potentially a doubling of major hurricanes in the next 20 to 30 years" as a result of global warming.

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