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Clean Air Act Under Attack...AGAIN

After a failed attempt in June (2010), some Senators are again trying to block, weaken or delay the enforcement of the Clean Air Act to limit dangerous climate change pollution from the nation’s biggest polluters.

Risky Business: Leading Wall Street Risk Manager Says Failure to Price Carbon Will Lead to Disaster

Financial expert Dr. Robert Litterman says "the Senate has decided to say to the entire world, on behalf of the American public: `We are going to ignore the risks of a climate disaster.'"  In the final months of this Congressional session, he says "the Senate must find a way to deal with the reality of this situation and pass a strong climate bill."

Video: Climate Change, Ocean Acidification and the Arctic Ocean

With the extent of Arctic sea ice presently at the second lowest level on record for the date, we are reminded of the growing threats to the Arctic ocean posed by rising atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations.  Here is nice video overview from actor Ted Danson and the organization, Oceana. 

Get Comfortable with Hot Summers

Think this summer is hot? According to a new report from the National Wildlife Federation and Physicians for Social Responsibility, “summer 2010 could be considered mild compared to the typical summers of the future.”

Report on international emissions inventories compares apples and oranges

The Government Accountability Office finds that inventories from high-emitting developing countries need to be improved for any future agreement to curb emissions. What it doesn't mention is that such improvements are already underway.

Climate Change a Recruiting Tool for Terrorists?

With northwestern Pakistan experiencing the worst flooding in 80 years, the already tumultuous region is highly susceptible to events that cause livelihood insecurity and infrastructure damage.

EPA Strongly Reaffirms Scientific Basis for Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today (29 July 2010) denied petitions challenging the scientific basis of its finding in December 2009  that greenhouse gases endanger the health and welfare of Americans.  The EPA said the science was strong when it issued its finding late last year, and that it has "been reinforced by recent additional major science assessments and individual studies."

Arkansas, California, Florida and Montana are among states expecting water risks from climate change

A new report from the National Resources Defense Council concludes that “cimate change will greatly increase the risk that water supplies will not be able to keep pace with withdrawals in many areas of the United States.”

WWF Statement on Senate's Failure to Pass Clean Energy & Climate Legislation

Today (27 July 2010), WWF along with other supporters of legislation to address America’s fossil fuel addiction and climate crisis released a joint statement on the Senate’s failure to pass a bill.

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