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President Obama Declares Commitment to Clean Energy Future

Before an audience today (2 June 2010) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, President Barack Obama said that "our continued dependence on fossil fuels will jeopardize our national security.  It will smother our planet.  And it will continue to put our economy and our environment at risk."  He pledged his commitment to finding the votes necessary to pass a comprehensive energy and climate bill that lays "the foundation for a better future."

U.S. Navy Climate Change Roadmap

The U.S. Navy released a strategy document to address and prepare for the impacts of a changing climate on the naval institution.

Forest Protected Areas Can Help Slow Climate Change

A new study involving scientists from 13 different organizations, universities and research institutions states that forest protection offers one of the most effective, practical, and immediate strategies to combat climate change.

Obama Administration Proposes 38% Increase in Funding to Address Climate Change in Developing Countries

In testimony to the U.S. Senate on the Fiscal Year 2011 international affairs budget, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls for a budget that supports core climate change activities in developing countries; and stresses the importance of leading the clean energy race, and being a global leader on climate change.

Pushed by Climate Change, American Pikas May Follow Polar Bears onto Endangered Species List

“Will the American pika become the first species in the lower 48 states to be listed under the Endangered Species Act owing to climate change?”

New Pentagon report declares climate change and energy as key issues “shaping the future security environment”

The Pentagon today (1 Feb 2010) released its Quadrennial Defense Review for 2010, stating that crafting a strategic approach to climate and energy is a priority. 

President Obama Announces Breakthrough in Copenhagen Climate Change Negotiations

Full transcript and video of an announcement made by President Barack Obama from the climate change negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark, late Friday evening 18 December 2009.

Global Water Roundtable Created to Establish Water Use Standards and Address Clean Water Issues

A new initiative launched during World Water Week will establish global standards for water stewardship, with the goal of addressing the global threat of water stress. The Global Water Roundtable will provide a powerful new tool to improve the way water is managed by establishing rigorous, realistic water stewardship standards. For more information, see the press release.

Congressional Budget Office: beware of lower-probability – but catastrophic -- consequences of climate change

A report issued this week by the Congressional Budget Office raises the importance of reducing the risk of the most catastrophic consequences of climate change. It says that “policymakers might wish to consider taking more action as a hedge against those severe outcomes than they would just to address the expected or most likely outcome.” More specifically, the CBO says:

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