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Senate Resolution to Strip EPA of Power to Regulate Climate Change Pollution is Defeated

Today (10 June 2010), the Senate voted to defeat Senate Joint Resolution 26, sponsored by Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski, which sought to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of its authority to regulate dangerous greenhouse gasses. 

NY Times Editorial: "Where’s the Senate on This One?"

A New York Times editorial today (10 June 2010) says that "a mischievous and potentially destructive" Senate resolution rejecting a crucial science-base climate change finding by the Environmental Protection Agency "would repudiate years of work by America’s most reputable scientists and public health experts."

White House Says Resolution Before the Senate Would Impede Transition to Clean Energy Economy and put Americans at Risk

The Executive Office of the President said yesterday (8 June 2010) that a resolution that will be before the Senate on Thursday (10 June 2010) "would increase the Nation’s dependence on oil and other fossil fuels and block efforts to cut pollution that threatens our health and well-being." The statement said that the resolution (S.J.Res 26) would "would undermine the Clean Air Act and hinder the Administration's ability to comply with a Supreme Court ruling on greenhouse gasses (GHGs)."  The President's "senior advisors would recommend that he veto the Resolution" if it ever landed on his desk.

Nobel Peace Prize Winners Ask President Obama to Address Climate Change

Six Nobel Peace Prize Laureates called on President Obama and 7 other heads of state to address climate change at upcoming major international meetings— the Group of Eight (G8) and G20 Summits taking place in Canada in June.

New Polling Shows Americans Want a Real Change in U.S. Energy Policy

In the wake of the Gulf Coast oil calamity, new polling released today (8 June 2010) shows overwhelming public support for legislation that comprehensively addresses energy and climate issues and goes well beyond simply making BP pay for the oil spill.  

Clean Air Act Under Attack

In an attempt to stop the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from protecting Americans against dangerous climate change, Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) has introduced a resolution that strips the Clean Air Act of the authority to regulate greenhouse gases, ultimately overturning the EPA’s scientific finding that climate change pollution is dangerous to people’s health and welfare.

Reporters, Policymakers, Businesses and Scientists come Together Tomorrow in Online Climate Change Symposium

Tomorrow (Wednesday, 9 June 2010), top scientists, policymakers and business leaders come together with reporters from around the nation for a day-long symposium on climate change and sustainability.

China’s Emissions Do Not Go Uncounted

A new WWF report, Counting the Gigatonnes: Building trust in greenhouse gas inventories from the United States and China, concludes that contrary to what some politicians and pundits say, China has developed a good system to track its energy consumption and hence to measure its greenhouse gas emissions. The report also finds that both the U.S. and China have lessons to learn from each other in the measuring and reporting of emissions.

Do or Die Moment for Senate Dems on Climate & Energy Bill

Senate Democratic leaders will meet next week (10 June 2010) to address clean energy and climate legislation. The leaders will debate whether to pursue an energy-only bill with no curbs on greenhouse gases that disrupt climate; or to push comprehensive energy and climate legislation that does include such curbs.

Global Conservation Act Introduced

The Global Conservation Act (H.R. 4959), a bipartisan bill introduced in April, will strengthen the U.S. government’s ability to lead in tackling global natural resource scarcity that threatens Americans’ security, economy, climate and health.

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