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Wednesday 23 June: White House Hosts Live Chat on Energy and Climate Change Legislation

Heather Zichal, Deputy Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change, will take your questions on energy and climate change legislation.

Recent Polls Show Support for Limiting Climate Change Pollution

As the Senate and Obama administration deliberate over an approach to climate and energy legislation, four recent polls show strong support for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

WWF Calls on Senate Democrats to Commit to Comprehensive Climate and Clean Energy Legislation

Full Senate Democratic Caucus to meet today (17 June 2010) to determine path forward on climate and clean energy.

EPA Analysis of the American Power Act Shows "Relatively Modest Impact on U.S. Consumers"

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) yesterday (15 June 2010) released a crucial analysis of the comprehensive energy and climate legislation before the Senate, the American Power Act.  The agency says the costs to American consumers are modest under its analysis.  A second analysis released the same day by the ClimateWorks Foundation highlighted a range of economic benefits from passage of the legislation.

In Address from Oval Office, Obama Says BP Disaster Highlights Need to Embrace "Clean Energy Future"

In an address to the nation on the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, President Barack Obama said that  "the tragedy unfolding on our coast is the most painful and powerful reminder yet that the time to embrace a clean energy future is now." 

Record Rains Pummel Oklahoma City as State's Senator Inhofe Continues to Deny Climate Change Science

Just days after Senator James Inhofe (Republican, Oklahoma) said he could not find one conclusion of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that "has now not been refuted," Oklahoma City yesterday (14 June 2010) experienced its heaviest rain in history.  The IPCC says that "the frequency of heavy precipitation events has increased over most land areas, consistent with warming and observed increase of atmospheric water vapor."

Group of Top U.S. Business Leaders Calls for "Smart, Ambitious Investments in Clean Energy"

On Thursday (10 June 2010), a group of top U.S. business executives -- including Bill Gates of Microsoft -- released a "A Business Plan for America's Energy Future," calling for "a serious commitment to modernizing our energy system with cleaner, more efficient technologies."  The group cautioned that "if we continue with the energy status quo, we will expose ourselves to risks that pose significant threats to our way of life."

“Climate Change is the Biggest Global Health Threat of the 21st Century”

Over the past year, several major reports were published on the human health implications from climate change. This blog post examines some of these reports and provides a brief overview about how climate change impacts our health.

Video and Transcript of Senate Debate on Murkowski Resolution to Veto EPA's Science-Based Climate Change Findings

We provide the full video and transcript from the Senate Debate over S.J.Res.26 (Murkowski Resolution), a resolution that would have effectively vetoed a finding by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that greenhouse gases pose a threat to public health and welfare.

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