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President Obama believes Republicans & Democrats can find common ground on energy policy

During President Obama's post election press conference last week (3 Nov. 2010), several questions and answers during the Q&A session addressed America's energy policy, EPA's regulation of carbon emissions and the possibility of future legislation to reduce carbon pollution.

China is Racing Ahead in Clean Energy

Analysis and reports over the last year show immense Chinese commitment to clean energy. The country is making significant investments in this industry. “China has now over taken Europe as the world’s clean energy superpower,” stated Erwin Jackson of Australia’s Climate Institute, which recently released the latest report on China’s rising power in clean energy.

Helping the poor and most vulnerable prepare for a changing climate

Poor countries will be the hardest hit by climate change driven largely by greenhouse gases emitted elsewhere. They need resources to prepare for the impacts. Unfortunately, according to a new Oxfam report, only a small portion of global climate funding is reaching these countries, leaving them vulnerable and unprepared.

Big Ideas in a Little Book on "Preparing for Climate Change"

In a pithy new book, Michael D. Mastrandrea and the late Stephen H. Schneider, argue that policies to slow climate change (mitigation) and to prepare for its impacts (planned adaptation) "must  be complementary and concurrent."

Senate Republicans & Democrats Unveil Bill on National Renewable Electricity Standard

On 21 Sept. 20101, Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) and several other of his Republican and Democratic colleagues unveiled a bill to establish a national renewable electricity standard (RES).  An RES is an important component of any national energy policy that aims to ramp up renewable energy supply and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, because of its weak incremental national targets and aggressive actions some states already have taken, it is unclear how much this legislation's RES targets will spur renewable energy generation

Wildlife Adapts to Climate Change (cartoon)

This clever cartoon from the Monterey Bay Aquarium shows some humourous ways wildlife might adapt  to climate disruption.  In reality, however, wildlife cannot easily adjust to rapid climate change -- and will depend on us to slow the pace of climate change by rapidly altering our lifestyles and carbon footprints.

Clean Air Act Under Attack...AGAIN

After a failed attempt in June (2010), some Senators are again trying to block, weaken or delay the enforcement of the Clean Air Act to limit dangerous climate change pollution from the nation’s biggest polluters.

U.S. State Department Hosts Series of Web Chats on Climate Change

The U.S. Department of State this morning (Wednesday 15 September 2010) kicked off a series of biweekly climate change webchats.

Climate change most visible through freshwater lens

The impacts of climate change are most visible in the dramatic changes occurring to the planet’s freshwater resources, says a new report written by WWF for the World Bank.

Extreme Weather Events Illustrate Heavy Price to be Paid for Failure to Act on Climate Change

Opponents of clean energy and climate change legislation often highlight the price tag for limiting fossil fuel pollution, calling the cost too great. However, the costs of reducing emissions will be dwarfed by the expense of coping with the mounting impacts of climate change. The Pakistan flooding exemplifies the high costs of extreme weather events that are becoming more frequent and/or severe.

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