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Tibetan Scientists Report on Climate Change Impacts on the Tibetan Plateau

At a briefing in Copenhagen, Denmark, yesterday (11 December 2009), scientists and social scientists from Tibet released and discussed a new report on the impacts of climate change on the Tibetan plateau.

Briefing and Report on Ecosystem-Based Adaptation to Climate Change from IUCN

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) yesterday (11 December 2009) held a briefing in Copenhagen, Denmark, on ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change; and released a short report on the topic.

Interior Secretary Salazar in Copenhagen: "We must plan for the realities of a changing climate"

In Copenhagen, Denmark, yesterday (10 December 2009), the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Interior, Ken Salazar, said "we must plan for the realities of a changing climate, and protect ourselves and our world against its impacts."

Melting glaciers speak for themselves

Evidence of warming can be seen all around the U.S. and the globe. WWF has launched a new photo and video gallery highlighting the impacts with stark images.  

Climate Change Threatens Madagascar’s Unique Coral Reefs

An unprecedented combination of climate change and increasing human pressures could have a devastating effect on coral reefs in the near shore areas of Southern Madagascar.

New Brochure from Wildlife Conservation Society Features Selection of Wildlife Threatened by climate change

A pithy new brochure from the Wildlife Conservation Society profiles more than a dozen animals facing threats from climate change.

The Cost of Climate Change: Thorthormi glacial lake in Bhutan

Because of climate change, melt water has swollen Thorthormi Glacial Lake in Bhutan.  Rated as one of Bhutan’s likeliest future catastrophes, an outburst flood through Thorthormi’s unstable walls would release up to 14 million gallons of water and debris into the upper catchment of the Po Chu river and surrounding communities. WWF is helping an effort to  drain the lake.

America’s Hottest Species: A New Report on Climate Change and the Rising Risk of Species Extinction

The Endangered Species Coalition released today (1 December 2009) a report, America’s Hottest Species, on ten of America’s endangered wildlife, birds, fish and plants being affected by climate change.

Fisheries of Northeast U.S. Continental Shelf Shift as Climate Changes

Researchers have found that some  fish stocks in the Northwest Atlantic off the coast of New England have been moving northward over the last four decades.

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