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Emissions Transparency: High Priority for the US in Durban, Lower Priority at Home?

Deferral granted by the Environmental Protection Agency risks the ability to verify emissions data from individual facilities.

Support Builds for Mechanism to Reduce Emissions and Raise Climate Finance from Shipping

Members of Congress call on the Obama Administration to support the Green Climate Fund and innovative financing from international transportation.

WWF, Oxfam and Ship Owners Band Together To Reduce Emissions from Shipping

In the long struggle to address climate change, it’s not common that a trade association of a heavy-emitting sector joins forces with WWF to call for regulation on emission reductions for that sector.

Report on international emissions inventories compares apples and oranges

The Government Accountability Office finds that inventories from high-emitting developing countries need to be improved for any future agreement to curb emissions. What it doesn't mention is that such improvements are already underway.

PAT on the Back for India

India advances in the low carbon economy with energy efficiency savings trading and a carbon tax on coal.

"Hot Air" in the American Power Act

Weak initial emissions caps under the American Power Act (APA) would delay clean energy investments

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