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WWF Announces Earth Hour 2012

Going Beyond the Hour, Daring the World to Save the Planet.

U.S. Agency Projects Widening Gap Between U.S. Carbon Emissions from Fossil Fuels and Reduction Commitments

The U.S. Energy Information Administration today (23 January 2011) released its Annual Energy Outlook 2012, with projections of U.S. carbon emissions from fossil fuel use through 2035.  EIA projects that U.S. emissions in 2020 will be 7.5% below 2005 levels, far short of the 17% reduction the U.S. committed to in January 2010 under the Copenhagen Accord of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Arctic Temperatures Continue Rapid Rise as 2011 Breaks Record Set in 2010

NASA yesterday (19 January 2012) released data showing that last year temperatures in the Arctic rose beyond the record established in 2010 -- setting a new record for 2011. News of the record Arctic temperatures follows a series of alarming developments related to the Arctic in recent months.

Video and Transcript: Senators Sheldon Whitehouse and Al Franken Team Up for a Colloquy on Climate Change

Yesterday evening (14 December 2011) Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (Democrat, Rhode Island) and Al Franken (Democrat, Minnesota) spent an hour on the floor of the U.S. Senate repudiating climate change denialists and arguing for serious U.S. action on climate chhange.  We provide the video and transcript.

WWF: Governments Fail on Ambition, Courage at UN Climate Change Talks

After two weeks of sparring and a day-long extension, governments once again failed today to provide the inspiration and ambition to tackle climate change and provide hope for hundreds of millions around the world who suffer and will continue to suffer from climate-related impacts. Governments reached a weak agreement that established a Green Climate Fund with little money, postponed major decisions on the content of the Kyoto Protocol, and made an unclear commitment to a global agreement from 2020 that could leave us legally bound to 4 degrees of global warming.

Music to Keep Hope Alive in Final Hours of Climate Negotiations and Beyond

It is two weeks into the 17th annual meeting of the parties to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change in Durban, and delegates are struggling to reach an agreement during the meeting's final hours.  Meanwhile, greenhouse gas emissions are rising and from the Arctic to the Antarctic, evidence is mounting that we are disrupting the planet's climate.  U.S. folksingers Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie remind us in their song "Quite Early Morning" (1975) to remain hopeful and to soldier on.

Brazilian Legislation Threatens to Accelerate Amazon Deforestation; Presidential Veto Urgently Required

Brazil's Senate voted on Wednesday (7 December 2011) to make changes to the country's forest law.  If approved by Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff, the law would threaten an area larger than the state of Texas -- and one of the world's treasured natural areas.  The consequences would be felt all over the world, as a significant amount of CO2 could be released to the atmosphere.  Brazil's ambitious efforts to slow climate change by reducing its greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation would be severely undermined.  Sign our petition and join more than 1.5 million Brazilians in urging Brazil's President to veto the bill.

Video and Statement from Climate Negotiations: Seize the Moment to "Get us Back on Track" and avoid Catastrophic Consequences

Durban, South Africa: Government leaders are still not seeing the big picture—we are here to address catastrophic climate change, WWF said today ahead of the closing of the climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa.

Signed, Sealed and Delivered: Backed by 21,000 Signatures, WWF and ActionAid Call for "Bold Steps" by U.S. Climate Negotiators

On behalf of their organizations and 21,000 petition signers, ActionAid USA and WWF-US today (8 December 2011) delivered a call for "bold steps" by U.S. climate negotiators in Durban, South Africa. 

Girl Scouts USA Announce "Girl Scouts Forever Green" Project, Including Participation in Earth Hour 2012

Girl Scouts of the USA announced today (6 December 2011) the launch of Girl Scouts Forever Green, its signature project marking the Girl Scouts' 100th anniversary. In 2012, the Girl Scouts will focus on three main projects: Reduce Waste, Earth Hour, and Rain Gardens.

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