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Second Update from Climate Negotiations in Barcelona, Spain

No one is wearing rose-tinted glasses here in Barcelona; the mood oscillates between fighting against all odds, sudden bursts of hope and anger, and the wish to move these negotiations that little bit faster that would give us the deal.

First Update from Climate Negotiations in Barcelona, Spain

Progress is essential, but uncertainty around the US climate bill hangs like a dark cloud over the negotiations, and is at the center of each discussion.

Citing the Costs of Inaction, Senator Kerry rebuffs Senator Inhofe on the Economics of Climate Change Legislation

During the first of three days of hearings on climate change before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Senator Kerry responds to remarks from Senatore Inhofe on the costs of curbing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions.

Congressional Report: "Top Leadership Involvement" Needed to Prepare for Climate Change Impacts

In a new report, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) calls upon the White House to develop a "national strategic plan that will guide the nation’s efforts to adapt to a changing climate."

Climate change in the Mekong

In a new report, The Greater Mekong and Climate Change, WWF assesses the impacts of climate change on the region that includes Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and southwest China.

The Greater Mekong & Climate Change Report

Temperatures are predicted to rise between 2ºC to 4ºC in the Greater Mekong region by the end of the century negatively affecting the area which is one of the most biologically diverse in the world.

As Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Annual Minimum, Large Number of Walrus Corpses Found Along Alaska Shoreline

Just days after Arctic sea ice receded to the third lowest extent on record, forcing thousands of walruses ashore, researchers flying along the Alaska coast stumbled upon a grisly scene: 100 to 200 walrus carcasses along the shoreline of Icy Cape, southwest of Barrow.

As Sea Ice Reaches Annual Minimum, Impacts of Arctic Warming Grow

 With Arctic sea ice apparently reaching its annual minimum extent -- the third lowest on record -- there is growing evidence of impacts within the Arctic and beyond.

Global Ocean Temperatures in August warmest on record

For the second month in a row, global ocean surface temperatures are the warmest on record. 

New Report: Climate Change Impacts Threatens U.S. with "Prohibitive Costs"

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) today (10 September 2009) released a brief report assessing the economic costs of climate change in the U.S., concluding that "every region in the country will confront large costs from climate change in the form of damages to infrastructure, diminished public heath, and threats to vital industries employing millions of Americans." 

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