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Study on Climate Change and the Economy: "The cost of inaction will be much higher than the cost of action."

A report recently released by the National Commission on Energy Policy (NCEP) summarizes the findings of a series of climate change impacts studies conducted around the country. "The findings of these analyses illustrate and underscore the enormous risks posed by unmitigated climate change, and the increasing urgency of policy actions to reduce these risks," the report says.

Ducks Shift North out of Arkansas as Climate Changes; Researcher Expects Large Economic Losses for Arkansas

Dr. Jim Bednarz, professor of Wildlife Ecology at Arkansas State University, tells KAIT-TV in Joneboro, Arkansas, that as climate changes, fewer ducks are wintering in the southern reaches of their flyway.

President Obama Seeks "Meeting of the Minds" with China's President Hu on Climate Change Leadership

President Barack Obama today (16 November 2009) told an audience in Shanghai, China, that he hopes for "a meeting of the minds" between himself and China's President Hu on how the U.S. and China can lead the international community in addressing climate change.  He added that "other countries around the world will be waiting for us."

As Cool Temperatures Dominated U.S., Global Temperatures Neared Record Levels in October

NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric (NOAA) have just released data showing that October 2009 was among the warmest Octobers on record, with parts of the U.S. among the few land masses cooler than normal.

U.S. Sees Wettest October on Record; Arkansas Records are Washed Away

The U.S. has just endured the wettest October in the 115-year period of record. The nationwide precipitation of 4.15 inches for October 2009 was 2.11 inches -- nearly double the long-term average.

Fourth Update from Climate Negotiations in Barcelona, Spain

WWF and its allies are working hard to counter efforts to lower expectations for the 15th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP-15) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) this December in Copenhagen, Denmark.  We have seen some success in our efforts.

Third Update from Climate Negotiations in Barcelona, Spain

The climate talks in Barcelona saw some real drama and excitement today as the African delegations put their foot down and said they wouldn’t negotiate the finer details of a global climate deal until some fundamentals were resolved.

Economists: Climate Change Poses Economic Threat while Reducing Emissions Promises Net Benefits

Researchers at the New York University (NYU) School of Law issued today (4 November 2009) a policy brief summarizing the findings of its survey of economists on key questions related to climate change policy. "There is a strong consensus among the top economic experts that, in fact, climate change represents a real danger to important sectors of the U.S. and global economies,"  the report's preface says.  "Moreover, most believe that the significant benefits from curbing greenhouse gas emissions would justify the costs of action."

Reeling from Record Rains, Arkansas Faces a Changing Climate

The Fall months of September through November are getting wetter in Arkansas; and heavy downpours are becoming more frequent and intense.  The potential consequences of such trends are vividly illustrated this Fall, with crop losses in Arkansas from recent rains estimated at more than $650 million, and with deer hunting season closed in many parts of the state because of flooding.

On Climate Change, German Chancellor Merkel tells Congress: “We all know that we have no time to lose.”

We need an agreement at the climate conference in Copenhagen in December," German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the Congress yesterday (3 November 2009). “We need an agreement on one objective: global warming must not exceed 2 degrees Celsius. To achieve this, we need the readiness of all countries to exact internationally binding obligations. ...No doubt about it, in December the world will look to us, to the Europeans and to the Americans.”

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